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Mack Collier from the viralgarden did something similar a while back : kick-off a meme to promote unsung bloggers.

So here is the deal : list and describe about 10 out of your blogroll, do a quick description and pingback the one that referenced your blog. Please no Seth Godin, Loic Le Meur or Stairway to Heaven here. I dont think they need any reference.


So let’s start with a bit of cronyism. All are english unless (Fr) :

  1. Frederic Brunel : I had the great privilege of working with Fred. He is a technical savvy, a pragmatic architect and a business oriented geek. Very good at understanding and envision the trends of the IT industry. A professional reference.
  2. Giant Squid (Fr) : Celine has been living in New Zealand for about 4 years. Many interesting posts and pics on the country, many interesting thoughts on being a french immigrant there. Not to mention that she is a intelligent, and beautiful girl, which has nothing to do with her blog being in that list … okay it has.
  3. Bad Idea Indeed : A marketing blog by Philippe. He is in the communication/advertising business. He has interviewed many A-Listers.
  4. Didier Girard (Fr) : Technical and french blog on server side software for enterprise. Not much editing but excellent links. A very synthetic set of references about the main trends of our industry. Besides, Didier is an active contributor of the french GWT (Google Web Toolkit, a tool allowing to write AJAX applications in pure Java) community.
  5. François Montagnon (Fr): We met when we were 9 years old in Martinique. We lost eachother and met again on the internet 29 years later. François is a photographer, writer, traveller. He has made breathtaking pictures during his many travels to Asia. These are published on Latitude Streets.
  6. Thomas Landspurg : Thomas used to be the CTO in the company Fred and I was working. He is a bit of a visionaire for the Mobile industry. He has developped a GoogleMap app for mobile. Excellent blog if you’re interested in the mobile business.
  7. A fresh Start(up) : Interesting blog regarding internet entrepreneurship and web-art. Very good links on the later. And a transglobal star named blogger : Fidji Simo
  8. Generation Y 2.0 (fr) : A sociology blog on the a.k.a Digital Natives. Interesting resources available there for whoever curious about the relationship of Generation Y with the digital world on one hand and the real one on the other.
  9. Michel Casabianca (fr) : I also worked with Michel. An Open Source advocate and geek. Michel has made a great contribution to the open source community, is a permanent reviewer/translator at O’Reilly and has co-written a book on XML. Excellent video game culture. Needless to say : a hardcore Apple freak.
  10. Tech It Easy : A collaborative technical blog with a bunch of young and passionate professionals. A very dynamic tech business mob that I’m glad to announce I just have joined.

Okay guys so now it’s your time to give allegiance to your favorite Z-Listers.



  1. Hi man, thank you so much for the link, I just noticed it today, I hadn’t visited your blog for a long time, and the surprise is great! I will try to publish more web art links in the weeks to come, I’m a bit in a slow blogging period while I am settling down in the US.

    Thanks again!

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